Dolphin Watch Naturetours in the Marlborough Sounds: Info panels at Ship Cove


Our wildlife-focused tours combine a scenic cruise through the spectacular Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand with so much more!  Our knowledgeable skippers and guides strive to provide our guests with accurate information and the best possible views of the various species of dolphins, fur seals and seabirds that call the Queen Charlotte Sound their home.  Marlborough Sounds are unique in that we have as many as 5 species of dolphins that visit our calm sheltered waters, these include Hectors, Dusky, Common, Bottlenose dolphins and even Orca (the largest of the dolphins and also called the Killer Whale). 


 Nature Tours Enviro-Gold Qualmark rating

We are QUALMARK ENVIRO-GOLD certified!  What does that mean?  It means we adhere to a system of sustainable and responsible tourism practices that help to protect and preserve the environment within which we operate.  


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