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Captain Paul (Director)

Dolphin Watch Naturetours: Paul Keating
Dolphin Watch Naturetours: Paul Keating
Paul’s enthusiasm and fun loving exterior belies his 22+ years experience at sea; a global career that spans Master of Super Yachts (www.yachtcaptain.co.nz ), marine engineer, professional diver, and deep sea fisherman. With 3,500+ dive hours spent underwater and decades of sea time on the ocean Paul is happy to tell stories about his adventures …..and yes he knows the billionaires’ holiday secrets!

Alan Lawson [Director]

Alan’s experience reads like a who’s who of some of the most successful companies in the world. From multinationals to start-ups, Alan has been involved in them all.

He has managed campaigns for global brands and governments at Saatchi & Saatchi to running a $750m global network of agencies to being the European Marketing Director of the world’s first ever internet service provider.

Alan’s main hobby of photography has taken him all over the world to places you won’t find on a map so he brings a wealth of travel related experience to reinforce Nature Tour’s premier position as a top travel activity.


Tristan is a marine zoologist with a vast array of wildlife knowledge and has extensive field research experience having participated in many conservation projects globally. His portfolio includes working for the MPI as a fisheries observer, turtle conservation in the Caribbean and the south pacific and whale shark and Angolan colobus monkey conservation in Kenya.

He is a keen diver with commercial and recreational diving qualifications who is driven by a passion to explore and protect the delicate marine and terrestrial eco-systems of our planet, aspires to understand and conserve precious environments so that they may be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge along with boundless enthusiasm.


Jack is joining us this season from Christchurch where he has been working in New Zealand’s growing cruise ship industry. Before that he spent a number of years studying tourism and business management both and home and abroad. His hobbies include water polo (both playing and coaching), skiing, hunting and fishing. His family settled in the Marlborough region in the 1800s but until now, he has never lived in the area.


Our staff members are carefully chosen for their enthusiasm and interest in the wildlife and history of the area. They undergo rigorous training to ensure that their knowledge is detailed, accurate and interesting! Confident in the water, they will put you at ease, help to make your experience rewarding and memorable and, above all, fun!

We like to work with a smile on our faces , every day we have fun showing the wildlife of Malborough sounds to you
We like to work with a smile on our faces , every day we have fun showing the wildlife of Malborough sounds to you

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