Wrought Iron Dining Room Furniture – Function and Style


Let’s face it, when it comes to the kitchen, a good room to stay and a good place to eat, a dining area that is furnished with comfort and style is what’s needed. Yet, is it really possible to find furnishings that are well coordinated with the surrounding home decor? Lifestyle furniture

For those who are trying to make their rooms feel more comfortable and cozy, it is important to look for styles and materials that allow for a blend of functionality and style. One way to do this is by utilizing furniture that is constructed from wrought iron. Unlike many other materials, wrought iron can be incorporated into a wide range of rooms and can be found in several different styles.

In terms of durability, style and function, wrought iron is one material that can easily achieve all three. With its lustrous white finish, wrought iron makes any room feel warm and inviting.

When you are looking for office furniture, it is important to look for versatile, durable yet stylish pieces. The same goes for dining furniture, as it must fit the purpose of the room. When you use comfortable and attractive pieces, you are able to create a healthy atmosphere for both employees and customers alike.

Consider adding some softer and more feminine pieces such as ottomans and side chairs to your dining area. In the living room, consider adding loveseats to fill up any available space. If you love to entertain, consider adding a dining table and chairs or corner lounge so you have more room to comfortably seat guests.

Nothing says comfortable like a sofa that includes a reclining section that you can add to the back of the room. The addition of a coffee table will complete the look of the room.

If you have enough space, it is possible to go for a small lounge that will allow you to relax or enjoy dinner with your family. A comfortable table for reading or a comfortable table for snacks can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

There are several luxurious and elegant designs that are made by luxury home furniture manufacturers. Finding pieces that blend beauty with functionality is possible, as long as you know what you are looking for.

When selecting pieces that are suitable for the formal furniture in the home, it is essential to choose pieces that incorporate the same quality as what is found in the best furnishing establishments. Traditional and contemporary styles can be easily combined.

For those who would prefer more traditional and formal pieces, there are modern and contemporary styles that can match the decor in most homes. It is also possible to choose one that is made of wrought iron and it is easy to incorporate this type of furnishing into the formal interior.

Choosing the right piece of furniture can be a difficult task. With so many options available, it is important to select the piece that will work best in the room you have chosen to make it feel as beautiful as possible.

It is always important to consider how well the piece will fit into the decor of the room and what it is meant for; but one thing that should be considered when choosing furnishings is the cost. When choosing the best piece, it is important to compare the style, materials, and prices before purchasing.

How to Get the Right Pest Control Services For Your Company


If you’re not certain whether the pest control that your business is using in Auckland is doing the job, then it’s time to switch companies. Every business owner needs to have pest control services in Auckland and here are some ways that you can make sure that your pest problem stays in one piece.

Most people, when they first find out that a pest control company is not providing the services they need, will reach out to them to find out why. This is a really bad idea. The businesses should not contact the pest control companies themselves to find out why the services are not being provided.

Contacting the pest control company before contacting a customer service representative makes it more likely that they will be honest. Customers can always see that the pest control company is not going to be upfront with them if they do call them. When you call up a pest control company, they should be willing to give you some good reasons why they are not being able to take care of your pest problems.

It’s even more important to contact pest control companies that are licensed to operate in Auckland. In order to be licensed by the government, pest control companies must go through a lot of training and have some type of certification. To ensure that you are talking to a licensed pest control company, it’s a good idea to call up the company’s office and ask them this question.

They will likely be able to tell you that all pest control companies in Auckland are licensed by the government and have certification in order to operate in Auckland. It’s important to be aware of what type of pest control services the pest control company you are calling about has on their license.

Contacting a pest control company directly is really important to making sure that the pest control problems that you have are addressed properly. It’s also really important to get your pest problems taken care of before they escalate into something that could cause much more serious problems. If you need your pest problems fixed right away, you will want to call a pest control company who can come out and perform the necessary inspections and repairs right away.

New Zealand’s pest control laws require that all pest control services are regulated. There are a few different kinds of pests that require different levels of treatment; these include cockroaches, ants, wasps, rats, mice, and ants.

The different levels of treatment that pest control services provide are based on the kind of pest they are treating. Common pests that require only mild treatments include roaches, cockroaches, ants, mice, and wasps. These types of pests cannot be treated with stronger chemicals.

Not all pest control companies in Auckland are actually licensed or trained to perform the types of treatments that the pests in your house can be treated with. The best thing that you can do is to ask a pest control company for examples of the types of treatments that they offer. You should be able to use these examples to help you choose the pest control company that can provide the services that you need.

If you are not comfortable with a pest control company that is in the business of treating pests for your home, then you will want to find one that can treat other businesses as well. In order to get rid of pests from hotels, restaurants, construction sites, banks, hospitals, and schools, you will need to contact pest control companies in Auckland that are able to treat businesses. They are also able to do the treatment necessary to protect buildings from fires.

Pest control companies in Auckland are responsible for making sure that the buildings that they are treating are safe from fires and other things that could damage them. If you are dealing with a company that is licensed to do the job, then you will be assured that they can use the right chemicals to ensure that they can treat all of the businesses that you are dealing with safely. Not all pest control companies in Auckland can use the same types of chemicals that are used to make a building safe for certain buildings.

Doing your research before you contact a pest control company in Auckland is key to making sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to choosing the pest control services that you need. Just because a pest control company has been licensed to work in the area, does not mean that they are always going to offer the same types of pest control services that you want to use.

Finding a Good Renovation Company in Auckland


When it comes to finding a good and qualified renovation company in Auckland, it is important to get as many details as possible. In the course of a short discussion, we will discuss two pieces of information you may find helpful: what questions to ask your potential renovation companies, and where to look for quality work in Auckland. We will also discuss our personal opinions on whether these companies are good enough to call good, and if they would be a good fit for your project.

Obviously, if you want to hire the best company possible, you can’t just pick up the phone or email and call anyone. It’s important to identify yourself, your project, and your requirements before you actually meet with the company.

Ask yourself what kind of project needs to be renovated? Is it an apartment complex that has very outdated kitchen cabinets, or a condo that is so bad that all of the bathroom fixtures are damaged or missing? Get clear answers to these questions and you will be far more likely to get the right person to do the job.

Once you have answers to these questions, the next step is to find a company that has been doing this type of work successfully for some time and is known for getting good results. Often, you can find that the best companies in this area have already established relationships with contractors in your area, which can make them much more likely to deliver high quality work.

Ask for references for the company you’re considering and to determine how much the company was paid for similar projects in the past. You don’t want to spend time and money on a company only to discover later that they are not very good at doing what you need done.

If you’re still not sure, find a company that has been working with various types of clients and get their feedback. The best ones have been open and honest with their clients, sothis should tell you a lot about what they do and how satisfied they are with their work. Remember, just because someone gives their opinion about a company, doesn’t mean that is a great idea for you.

Ask for some photos of the work they have done, as well as testimonials from other clients. Sometimes the best reviews come from someone who has already worked with the company. That is why it’s important to talk to several different people before you settle on one.

Quality is a big factor, but so is price. Often, the cost of a project will be the biggest determining factor. Look for a company that can get you the same project done at a fair price, but is always looking for ways to cut costs.

Check out the history of the company, whether they have any problems with contractors in the past, and whether they have adequate training for you to do the job properly. This is a smart business move, and something you should strongly consider. You never know how much it will cost you in the long run to take precautions like this.

Finally, ask yourself whether you like the company. Ask if they will be working with you again, and if they would recommend them to others. Sometimes a good company will get off to a slow start, and you will need someone you can trust.

After you’ve gathered some information, you can schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your project. During this meeting, the owner or manager should review the entire scope of the project, talk about what to expect, and give you a realistic estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the project.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to get the project done quickly and with the highest quality, and get the most bang for your buck.A little research can go a long way towards making sure that you get the right project for your needs.

Car Phone Holders – Who Makes Them and Where to Find Them


When you want to keep your hands free and mobile phone usage in check, there is a trend for car phone holders. There are those made to look like steering wheel; and those that are just attached to the interior.

As is often the case in NZ, when we use our phones on the road, they get lost or stolen. It’s a fact of life that applies to everyone. If you have invested in a GPS system, a car’s GPS is not likely to be affected by the theft, but what if you don’t?

So cars in NZ are getting increasingly expensive and specialists are now selling “vehicle accessories” to protect them from road users. Car owners in NZ can get accessories such as remote controls and phone holders, though these accessories come with a price.

In fact, some car holders are relatively expensive, but there are many cheaper models that are available, making the choice all the more difficult. The key issue is quality, which must be measured for good functionality and reliability.

A well-made holder will last a long time; however, it may need to be serviced on occasion for proper maintenance and good quality. And whilst the cost of servicing is not a big factor, it’s good to be aware of the cost before you go ahead and buy one.

Many car holders include an alarm or a remote control; and although these gadgets are luxury additions, many people will see the value in having them. Many receivers have two way calling, and this can allow you to talk to a caller even if you are miles apart. If your phone is not a smart phone, then you will also have voice mail.

So popular car phone holders are that nearly half of all new cars sold in NZ include one, especially if they are used frequently. The trend is for larger phones and less compact phones, so many holders now offer this.

But where small phones are concerned, they are becoming smaller. This is good news for drivers, as many receivers now come with some sort of anti-theft feature, which includes things like a steering wheel mounted alarm.

With the increasing importance of the internet for most of us, the option nowadays is to use a holder as a mobile phone stand. As the car owner, you will be able to carry your mobile phone or use your PC to check your emails, check stock prices, etc.

The car phone holder is a great gift option for any car owner, no matter what their car is. It makes it easier to check email on the road and allows the person who is driving to take their hand off the wheel.

On a lighter note, there are a few car accessories that can come in handy and these include holders that can be used as tool kits, jump starters and so on. You will find that most of these accessories are reasonably priced and make good gifts too.

As for the NZ, make sure you find an excellent seller, because the competition is tight. Whether you’re looking for phone holders, GPS mounts, alarms, or MP3 players, the phone market is huge, and finding the right one may take a little time.

Birdwatchers Expedition

Birdwatchers Expedition
Enjoy close encounters with a variety of land and seabirds in the Queen Charlotte Sound. Species include the rare King Shag and endangered South Island Saddleback.
Bird watching tour
Bird watching tour
This cruise provides the opportunity to view a variety of land and sea birds including the very rare King Shag. Found only in the Marlborough Sounds, the KIng Shag is considered a prized bird amongst birdwatchers. Learn about the wildlife from our experienced staff as we take the time to enjoy the species that call these waters home. Predator-free Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary is a bird-lovers paradise and home to blue penguins, South Island Saddleback, Kereru, Bellbirds, Yellow-crowned Parakeets (Kakariki), NZ Falcon and South Island Robins. Enjoy a 1-hour guided bush walk to the top of the island for the added bonus of amazing view across the Cook Strait to the North Island. The birds here are plentiful, fearless and very vocal and if you sit quietly, they may even come within an arms reach! Other species likely encountered include dolphins (Dusky, Bottlenose, Hector’s, Common or Orca), NZ Fur Seals, Spotted, Pied and Little Shags, Variable Oystercatchers, White-fronted terns, Australasian Gannets, Fluttering Shearwaters, reef and white-faced herons, arctic skuas (seasonal). and a variety of seabirds.

Tour Highlights

Rare King Shags, South Island Saddleback and other native birds
Dolphins (90% encounter rate), NZ Fur Seals, Penguins & seabirds
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary guided walk (1 hour)
Informative commentary about the history , culture and wildlife
Conservation focused
Free tea, coffee and cookies after the walk

Departures Daily: 1:30pm (October – April) return 5:30pm (approx.)
Adult: $99, Child: $55 (5-14), Child 0-4 $30
Dolphin Watch Naturetours booking

BLUMINE ISLAND OPTION (Groups and Charters Only)
We offer an exciting new option with our Birdwatchers Expeditions that explore Blumine instead of Motuara Island. Blumine Island is also a predator-free bird sanctuary and is home to the South Island Saddleback, Bellbirds, Kereru, Tomtits, Tui, Weka, and the very rare Mohua and Orange Fronted Parakeets. Contact us today or more details on how you and your group can visit this birdwatchers paradise.

KING SHAG COLONY OPTION (Groups & Charters Only)
We offer an option aimed at those birding groups interested in seeing one of the King Shag colonies from our vessel during a group or private charter excursion. Visiting one of the King Shag colonies is strictly weather dependent. This additional option ONLY applies to birdwatching groups or those requesting a private charter and wanting to see one of the King Shag colonies in the outer Sounds. Please email us if you would like to know more about this option.


Picton and the Marlborough Sounds
Picton, New Zealand
Picton’s beautiful foreshore looking out onto the Marlborough Sounds

The picturesque seaside town of Picton is the South Island base for the interisland ferry and also serves as a gateway to the marine, forest and island attractions of the Marlborough Sounds. Built around a very sheltered harbour, the town has an attractive seafront dotted with cafés, restaurants and various types of galleries. . Picton is known as the ‘Gateway to the South Island and the Marlborough Sounds’. With a surplus of natural beauty and an amazing range of wildlife, Picton and the Queen Charlotte Sound are a must-see for anyone visiting or living in New Zealand.

Accommodation is varied and plentiful ranging from holiday parks to luxury accommodationPicton accommodation options range from hotels, B&Bs, hostels and resorts and there are plenty of cafes on High Street.

Dolphin Watch Naturetours Wildlife Centre
Dolphin Watch Ecotours operates on Picton’s foreshore and is only a 3 minute walk from the Picton ferry terminal. Be sure to stop here to catch one of our ecotours and explore the Queen Charlotte Sound with a company that chooses to slow down and enjoy what the area has to offer. Oor tours provide visitors with a variety of nature experiences to be had on land and sea. Go Swimming with Dolphins, take a walk on the fabulous Queen Charlotte Track, or take it all in with a half-day Scenic Wildlife Cruise to either Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary or historic Ship Cove of Captain Cook fame.

We are located at 1 Wellington Street on the Picton Foreshore (see below).

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Our office focuses on “bring the wildlife to the office” where we feature murals & lifesize models of much of the willife we encounter in the Marlborough Sounds. Our features include changerooms for wetsuit fitting, a fantastic reception area to greet our guests as well as wheel chair toilets and showers.

Dolphin Watch Shop 1
Dolphin Watch Shop 2
Dolphin Watch Shop 3
Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand
View overlooking the Queen Charlotte Sound
View overlooking the Queen Charlotte Sound

The Marlborough Sounds are an extensive labyrinth of sheltered waterways in the north-eastern corner of NZ’s South Island. Made up of a series of ancient river valleys that have been filled in by seawater, the Marlborough Sounds are truly an incredible site. As a result of the sheltered nature of the Sounds, we rarely have to cancel tours for weather-related reasons. The Queen Charlotte Sound abounds with numerous seabirds, NZ fur seals and five species of dolphins can be seen at various times of the year – Bottlenose, Dusky, Hector’s, Common and occasionally visits by Orca (Killer Whales).

The outer Queen Charlotte Sound contains four reserve islands covered with lush native bush. Motuara Island bird sanctuary is where Dolphin Watch Ecotours conducts guided walks under a Department of Conservation concession. Here, the department of Conservation runs four programmes geared towards the enhancement of endangered species – the South Island saddleback, Maud Island frog, Marlborough green gecko and the Okarito brown kiwi.

The Queen Charlotte Sound is also home to the stunning Queen Charlotte Track. A 71 km walk with absolutely stunning views of the Marlborough Sounds. We offer full service for groups to the entire track (with free pack transfers to your overnight accommodation) and are the only Marlborough Sounds tour operator to combine a scenic dolphin cruise, Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary visit and a walk on the Queen Charlotte Track. No other QC Track operator is permitted to search for dolphins in the Queen Charlotte Sound.

Our team

Captain Paul (Director)

Dolphin Watch Naturetours: Paul Keating
Dolphin Watch Naturetours: Paul Keating
Paul’s enthusiasm and fun loving exterior belies his 22+ years experience at sea; a global career that spans Master of Super Yachts (www.yachtcaptain.co.nz ), marine engineer, professional diver, and deep sea fisherman. With 3,500+ dive hours spent underwater and decades of sea time on the ocean Paul is happy to tell stories about his adventures …..and yes he knows the billionaires’ holiday secrets!

Alan Lawson [Director]

Alan’s experience reads like a who’s who of some of the most successful companies in the world. From multinationals to start-ups, Alan has been involved in them all.

He has managed campaigns for global brands and governments at Saatchi & Saatchi to running a $750m global network of agencies to being the European Marketing Director of the world’s first ever internet service provider.

Alan’s main hobby of photography has taken him all over the world to places you won’t find on a map so he brings a wealth of travel related experience to reinforce Nature Tour’s premier position as a top travel activity.


Tristan is a marine zoologist with a vast array of wildlife knowledge and has extensive field research experience having participated in many conservation projects globally. His portfolio includes working for the MPI as a fisheries observer, turtle conservation in the Caribbean and the south pacific and whale shark and Angolan colobus monkey conservation in Kenya.

He is a keen diver with commercial and recreational diving qualifications who is driven by a passion to explore and protect the delicate marine and terrestrial eco-systems of our planet, aspires to understand and conserve precious environments so that they may be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge along with boundless enthusiasm.


Jack is joining us this season from Christchurch where he has been working in New Zealand’s growing cruise ship industry. Before that he spent a number of years studying tourism and business management both and home and abroad. His hobbies include water polo (both playing and coaching), skiing, hunting and fishing. His family settled in the Marlborough region in the 1800s but until now, he has never lived in the area.


Our staff members are carefully chosen for their enthusiasm and interest in the wildlife and history of the area. They undergo rigorous training to ensure that their knowledge is detailed, accurate and interesting! Confident in the water, they will put you at ease, help to make your experience rewarding and memorable and, above all, fun!

We like to work with a smile on our faces , every day we have fun showing the wildlife of Malborough sounds to you
We like to work with a smile on our faces , every day we have fun showing the wildlife of Malborough sounds to you

Our boats

Our Boats
Delphinus and Miss Te Rawa are both in Safe Ship Management (SSM) and are operated by fully qualified and licensed skippers and crew. All vessels are available for private or group charter in the Marlborough Sounds with activities ranging from diving to sightseeing – just drop us a line and see what we can do for you.


A 13 metre catamaran that cruises at 20 knots and is surveyed for 30 passengers. An extremely comfortable enclosed cabin, open back seating to catch the sunshine and sea breezes, walk-around sides and fully railed bow make this boat ideal for viewing the scenery and wildlife in the Sounds. Delphinus is equipped with the necessary safety equipment and has a marine toilet for passengers’ use.

Miss Te Rawa

A 9.1 metre custom built Semi-enclosed power boat .She cruises at 25-28 knots ,Seats 14 passengers inside a comfortable cabin with fantastic ,360 degree open view windows.She is currently surveyed for 25 passengers. There is seating on the back deck to catch the abundant sunshine and breeze through your hair. She has a forward viewing area for wildlife photos and a beach access ladder from the foredeck. This makes her the perfect boat for going to the DOC islands and Queen Charlotte Track. Miss Te Rawa is equipped with the necessary safety equipment .

Historic Ship Cove & Dolphin Cruise

Historic Ship Cove & Dolphin Cruise
A nature cruise and historical experience to be enjoyed by all. Fantastic scenery, wonderful wildlife and great guides. A perfect way to experience the Marlborough Sounds.
Orca are rare visitors that come into the Marlborough Sounds around 12 times each year to feed on stingrays. Group sizes range from lone animals to 12 members in a family unit.
Orca are rare visitors that come into the Marlborough Sounds around 12 times each year to feed on stingrays. Group sizes range from lone animals to 12 members in a family unit.
Cruise the length of the calm and sheleterd Queen Charlotte Sound. Experience and learn about playful dolphins (90% encounter rate), fur seals and amazing seabirds before landing at historic Ship Cove of Captain Cook fame. After being welcomed ashore by the cheeky resident Wekas, Oyster Catchers and Paradise Shelducks, you’ll spend approximately 45 minutes enjoying the untouched native forest, fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. Spectacular views toward Motuara Island and open ocean Cook Strait waters will leave you speechless. After returning to the boat, sit back and relax with a hot drink and cookies as we cruise back to Picton by approximately 5:30pm.

Tour Highlights

Dolphins (90% encounter rate), seals & seabirds
Historic Ship Cove stop off and walk (45mins)
Informative history about the area
Family friendly
Conservation focused
Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies
Departures Daily: 1:30pm (October – April) return 5:30pm (approx.)
Adult: $99, Child: $49 (5-14), Child 0-4 $30
Group tours (of any size) can be arranged for any time of the year!

Motuara Island & Dolphin Cruise

Motuara Island & Dolphin Cruise
Capturing the very best of the Marlborough Sounds, this half-day tour is a New Zealand nature experience to be enjoyed by all. Fantastic scenery, wonderful wildlife and great guides make this Picton’s most fascinating cruise.
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary
Cruise the majestic Marlborough Sounds on a scenic journey to Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary. Our comfortable vessels and expert team take you on a conservation focused, wildlife adventure. Outstanding commentary and fantastic viewing areas allow you to enjoy playful Hector’s, bottlenose, or dusky dolphins (90% encounter rate!). We also see NZ fur seals and numerous seabirds before landing on Motuara Island for a 1-hour nature lover’s walk to remember. Explore the island on your own or go with our knowledgeable guide who will point out and describe the resident blue penguins, rare saddleback, melodic bellbirds, cheeky robins, native pigeons and yellow-crowned parakeets (kakariki). The birds on this predator-free island are fearless, plentiful and very vocal. The view from the Cook Strait lookout is absolutely spectacular! After returning to the boat, sit back and relax with a hot drink and cookies before making our way back to Picton and stopping with any extra species we discover.

Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary & Dolphin Cruise

Dolphins (90% encounter rate), NZ Fur Seals, Penguins & seabirds
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary guided walk (1 hour)
Visit a working salmon fish farm
Informative history about the area
Family friendly
Conservation focused
Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies
Departures Daily: 1:30pm (October – April) return 5:30pm (approx.)
Drop off at Interislander ferry terminal available – please notify the staff before departure.

Adult: $99, Child: $55 (5-15), Child 0-4 years $30
Group tours (of any size) can be arranged for any time of the year!
Dolphin Watch Naturetours booking