Our boats

Our Boats
Delphinus and Miss Te Rawa are both in Safe Ship Management (SSM) and are operated by fully qualified and licensed skippers and crew. All vessels are available for private or group charter in the Marlborough Sounds with activities ranging from diving to sightseeing – just drop us a line and see what we can do for you.


A 13 metre catamaran that cruises at 20 knots and is surveyed for 30 passengers. An extremely comfortable enclosed cabin, open back seating to catch the sunshine and sea breezes, walk-around sides and fully railed bow make this boat ideal for viewing the scenery and wildlife in the Sounds. Delphinus is equipped with the necessary safety equipment and has a marine toilet for passengers’ use.

Miss Te Rawa

A 9.1 metre custom built Semi-enclosed power boat .She cruises at 25-28 knots ,Seats 14 passengers inside a comfortable cabin with fantastic ,360 degree open view windows.She is currently surveyed for 25 passengers. There is seating on the back deck to catch the abundant sunshine and breeze through your hair. She has a forward viewing area for wildlife photos and a beach access ladder from the foredeck. This makes her the perfect boat for going to the DOC islands and Queen Charlotte Track. Miss Te Rawa is equipped with the necessary safety equipment .

Historic Ship Cove & Dolphin Cruise

Historic Ship Cove & Dolphin Cruise
A nature cruise and historical experience to be enjoyed by all. Fantastic scenery, wonderful wildlife and great guides. A perfect way to experience the Marlborough Sounds.
Orca are rare visitors that come into the Marlborough Sounds around 12 times each year to feed on stingrays. Group sizes range from lone animals to 12 members in a family unit.
Orca are rare visitors that come into the Marlborough Sounds around 12 times each year to feed on stingrays. Group sizes range from lone animals to 12 members in a family unit.
Cruise the length of the calm and sheleterd Queen Charlotte Sound. Experience and learn about playful dolphins (90% encounter rate), fur seals and amazing seabirds before landing at historic Ship Cove of Captain Cook fame. After being welcomed ashore by the cheeky resident Wekas, Oyster Catchers and Paradise Shelducks, you’ll spend approximately 45 minutes enjoying the untouched native forest, fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. Spectacular views toward Motuara Island and open ocean Cook Strait waters will leave you speechless. After returning to the boat, sit back and relax with a hot drink and cookies as we cruise back to Picton by approximately 5:30pm.

Tour Highlights

Dolphins (90% encounter rate), seals & seabirds
Historic Ship Cove stop off and walk (45mins)
Informative history about the area
Family friendly
Conservation focused
Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies
Departures Daily: 1:30pm (October – April) return 5:30pm (approx.)
Adult: $99, Child: $49 (5-14), Child 0-4 $30
Group tours (of any size) can be arranged for any time of the year!

Motuara Island & Dolphin Cruise

Motuara Island & Dolphin Cruise
Capturing the very best of the Marlborough Sounds, this half-day tour is a New Zealand nature experience to be enjoyed by all. Fantastic scenery, wonderful wildlife and great guides make this Picton’s most fascinating cruise.
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary
Cruise the majestic Marlborough Sounds on a scenic journey to Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary. Our comfortable vessels and expert team take you on a conservation focused, wildlife adventure. Outstanding commentary and fantastic viewing areas allow you to enjoy playful Hector’s, bottlenose, or dusky dolphins (90% encounter rate!). We also see NZ fur seals and numerous seabirds before landing on Motuara Island for a 1-hour nature lover’s walk to remember. Explore the island on your own or go with our knowledgeable guide who will point out and describe the resident blue penguins, rare saddleback, melodic bellbirds, cheeky robins, native pigeons and yellow-crowned parakeets (kakariki). The birds on this predator-free island are fearless, plentiful and very vocal. The view from the Cook Strait lookout is absolutely spectacular! After returning to the boat, sit back and relax with a hot drink and cookies before making our way back to Picton and stopping with any extra species we discover.

Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary & Dolphin Cruise

Dolphins (90% encounter rate), NZ Fur Seals, Penguins & seabirds
Motuara Island Bird Sanctuary guided walk (1 hour)
Visit a working salmon fish farm
Informative history about the area
Family friendly
Conservation focused
Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies
Departures Daily: 1:30pm (October – April) return 5:30pm (approx.)
Drop off at Interislander ferry terminal available – please notify the staff before departure.

Adult: $99, Child: $55 (5-15), Child 0-4 years $30
Group tours (of any size) can be arranged for any time of the year!
Dolphin Watch Naturetours booking

Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins
Swim with dolphins and view them in their underwater world is the adventure experience of a lifetime and one that you’ll never forget!!!
Swimming with the dolphins in Picton, New Zealand
Swimming with the dolphins in Picton, New Zealand
Join us on a dolphin swim & viewing cruise in the sheltered calm waters of the scenic Marlborough Sounds. We’ll search for Dusky, Bottlenose, Common, Orca and the rare Hector’s dolphins that frequent this amazing area. Whether it’s watching a group quietly cruising along or marveling at their high leaps, back-flips, and somersaults during social bouts, dolphins are a magnificent sight! Our Department of Conservation permit allows us to seek out and interact with all species of marine mammals that live in the Sounds. We take you where the wildlife is and provide respectful interactions with these amazing creatures. During the cruise, we’re also likely to see NZ Fur Seals and a variety of seabirds (like Gannets, Shearwaters and Penguins)

Once spotted, we’ll cruise with the dolphins and get the swimmers ready if conditions allow. As a permitted operator, we abide by the rules and regulations established for dolphin swimming and viewing activities. If conditions are good, then we’ll place swimmers in the water for the adventure of a lifetime! Unlike other dolphin swimming operations around New Zealand where several boats are on the same group of dolphins, we are Picton’s only Dolphin Swimming operator – that means we’re the only boat with swimmers in the water with a group of dolphins. We primarily operate in an area of little to no sea swell – meaning seasickness is rarely an issue for our guests. Wetsuits, masks and snorkels are provided free of charge. If you’re not keen on swimming with the dolphins, then join this tour for some fantastic dolphin viewing from above.

Tour Highlights

5 possible dolphins species (Bottlenose, Dusky, Common, Hectors & Orca)
Dolphins that are wild and FREE!
Scenic cruise in the calm and sheltered Queen Charlotte Sound
Expert knowledge of the wildlife that lives here
All swim equipment provided
Dolphin Viewing success 95% & Swim sucess 80%
Dolphin Swimming Terms – see below
Family Friendly
Conservation focused
Fantastic photo opportunities
Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies
Departs Daily (October to April) Check in at 8.15 AM
Dolphin Watch Naturetours booking

This lucky couple get a fantastic look at 2 Bottlenose Dolphins swimming right underneath them.
This lucky couple get a fantastic look at 2 Bottlenose Dolphins swimming right underneath them.
A large group of Bottlenose Dolphins coming straight at this lucky group of swimmers.
A large group of Bottlenose Dolphins coming straight at this lucky group of swimmers.
General Information about swimming with dolphins:
Dolphin Swimming – If you aren’t able to swim with dolphins, we’ll give you a parital refund! Success rate (all year) for viewing dolphins is currently 95%! Success rate (all year) for swimming with dolphins is currently 80%! Please keep in mind that like all dolphin swimming tours in New Zealand, there is always the rare chance that you will not be able to get in the water with wild dolphins. For an update on what we’ve been seeing and swimming with recently, please view our www.facebook.com/naturetours
Wetsuits, masks and snorkels are provided. You will need to bring a swimsuit, towel, camera and sunscreen. A hot deck shower is available immediately after swimming to warm you up. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits are provided free-of-charge after swimming/viewing.
Space is limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Each dolphin swimming tour lasts approximately 2 – 4 hours. Tour times depend on where we find the dolphins.
Viewing dolphins in their underwater world is truly a magical experience and one not soon (if ever!) to be forgotten. It should be noted that open water dolphin swimming operations are not like that of an aquarium type atmosphere. Dolphins are generally very interested in swimmers, however, these are wild animals that are in total control of the situation and we are simply guests in their world. If the dolphins are not in the mood to interact with people, they may simply move on and swimmers should be aware there is the chance that they will not interact with them in the water. If that is the case, we will bring the swimmers back onboard for some awesome viewing from the boat. Please understand that it is the dolphins choice whether to interact with the swimmers and refunds can not be given if the dolphins are “not interested” for whatever reason.
Like all swim with dolphin operators in New Zealand, this is an open water experience – not an aquarium setup. The Marlborough Sounds are extremely sheltered from the wind and we rarely experience any sea swell that makes swimmers sick in other areas of New Zealand. However, if sea and wind conditions are deemed too severe, all dolphin swimming tours will be cancelled for matters of passenger safety. Your safety is paramount to us and we will not put swimmers in the water if the conditions are unsafe for you to disembark or climb back aboard the vessel. If dolphins are viewed, but weather is not good enough to put swimmers in the water then your fare will reduced. Read additional terms and conditions for dolphin swims.
We are a Department of Conservation (DOC) permitted swim with dolphins operators. It is our years of experience operating around both dolphins and whales that provides our guests with important and relevant information during each dolphin swimming or viewing experience.
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Marlborough Sounds scenic cruises and bird watching
Marlborough Sounds scenic cruises and bird watching
Groups and Private Charters

Ship Cove Marlborough Sounds cruise
Ship Cove Marlborough Sounds cruise
Ship Cove Eco-Cruise & Walk

Bird watching tour
Bird watching tour
Birdwatchers Expedition

Swimming with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins
Swimming With & Viewing Dolphins

“Loved the Sounds, loved the dolphins – another lifetime ambition completed!”
Paul & Frankie, United Kingdom
Swim With Dolphins Video
Swim With Dolphins Video

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Dolphin Watch & Nature Tours provide Dolphin Swimming & Viewing Tours, Scenic Wildlife Cruises, Bird Watchers Expeditions, School/Educational Packages & Private Charters
( Rebranding 2015 as E-Ko Tours )
We operate out of Picton in the calm & sheltered waters of the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. A clean green paradise full of natural beauty, bush, sea, history and wildlife, all waiting to be explored and experienced. Our conservation focused and fully guided tours are fun, informative and educational.
Enviro Gold Award | Dolphin Swimming | Nature Tours
Wildlife, Water & Wilderness…we have it all!

“We had an absolutely great time with the dolphins. It belongs to one of our . . .”
Dagmar and Libor, Czech Republic

Here at Dolphin Watch & Nature Tours we are proud to follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act 1978 and the Marine Mammal Protection Regulations 1992. These ensure the marine mammals of New Zealand are protected and that their conservation is a top priority. Our interactions with the marine mammals of the Marlborough Sounds adhere to all regulations and our conservation focused tours, educate and raise awareness

Saving Money on Kids Toys Can Be Easy


You have probably noticed that the prices for kids toys in New Zealand are a lot more reasonable than they are in America. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, New Zealand has fewer people and therefore there aren’t as many businesses that manufacture their own toys. This means that the costs are higher to get them from US manufacturers. This is passed on to you the consumer.

New Zealand also has some strict environmental laws. In order to reduce the amount of waste that is produced per unit of production, most kids toys in NZ are recycled. This means that you won’t be buying tinned toys from a foreign company anymore. In fact, there are now national treasures being kept by the government as an example of how our kids’ toys can be better for the future.

Also, when it comes to kids’ toys, you will quickly see that there are many more options available to you. Not only are there American kids toys available, but you will also find that you can buy them from Asian companies as well. This includes China. When it comes to shopping online though, do your research. Make sure that the company has a good reputation. Read the reviews left by other buyers so that you can make a better choice for yourself.

As you can see, it is possible to shop for kid’s toys in New Zealand, but don’t forget about international shipping. You may find that there are a number of different options, depending on where you live, but you may want to consider a water-based or plastic shipping option for safety reasons. Many of these toys will last longer if they are properly cared for, so it may be worth the money to buy them from a reputable international company that has international shipping ties. While you are saving money, you are also giving your children the opportunity to learn more about the world.

If you are shopping for kids toys and you want to get them shipped overseas, there are a number of options that you have. You can find an online store that will allow you to purchase from the comfort of your own home. This way, if you get a coupon or promo code, you can use it to save even more, and since there is usually no charge for shipping, your total cost will be much lower.

You can also purchase these kids toys in bulk, so that you will be able to buy them in bulk as well. There are a number of ways that you can do this. You can visit local toy stores and even ask them about buying them in bulk. If you are a good negotiator, and if you are aware of how to read toy industry charts, then you can probably get a good discount on what you are buying.

You can also shop online. When you shop online, you can find a wider variety of kid’s toys than you would ever see in a store. Because the internet is a global marketplace, there is a good chance that you will be able to find what your child is interested in at a very low price. This is one of the best ways to get your kid’s toys for a very low price, while still letting them be happy with their selection. One of the benefits of shopping online is that you can do research on the different toys, to see which ones your child likes. This is a great way to make sure that they are getting exactly what they want.

You want your kids toys to help them learn and grow, so you want to make sure that they are safe. You can find great toys online, and you will be amazed at the variety of them that are available. Make sure that you read all of the instructions, and that you keep track of your coupon codes, so that you can get the most savings possible on your kids toys.

Choosing a Scaffolding Company


There are many ways to employ a scaffold, but not many of them are as important as scaffold hire Wellington. Scaffolding is a commonly utilised form of scaffolding and is the most popular form of scaffolding used around New Zealand.

Scaffold – A Potted Explanation: A scaffolding system is defined as a single, permanent scaffold, usually consisting of welded metal tubes and attachments, which is used to provide an extra secure location for tradespeople engaged in their work in houses and buildings. The main purpose of a scaffold is to give protection and safety from falling. There are different types of scaffolding and all scaffolding have their own specific needs.

With the advances in modern construction technology and the development of scaffolds that can be used in various environments such as buildings and warehouses, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for scaffolds around the country. It is essential for every building and construction site that a proper scaffolding system is in place for safety purposes.

Scaffolds are available in different sizes and configurations. There are specialised types of scaffolding for different purposes. If you are planning on undertaking any type of work, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have a proper scaffolding system in place. You will need to check your local building code requirements, before hiring the correct scaffolding for your project.

There are two main types of scaffolding; a free standing scaffolding system and a fixed scaffolding system. With a free standing scaffolding system there is no attachment to the ground, but they must be anchored to the ground using steel cable. Fixed scaffolding systems require the anchor wire to be attached to the scaffolding platform and the scaffolding system can be placed on the ground or secured to the ceiling.

Both of these main types of scaffolding systems are available in New Zealand from reputable scaffolding companies. Some of these scaffolding companies are also able to supply specialist equipment to assist in your design and installation of the scaffolding system.

The choice of a scaffolding company will depend on your exact requirements, whether it is a single person or if you require a larger system for multiple scaffolds. Choosing a scaffolding company wisely will help ensure your safety and make sure that your scaffolding purchase is both cost effective and practical.

If you are going to use scaffolding, then you should always choose a scaffolding company that has plenty of experience in this area and a well-qualified crew. There are many reputable companies in Wellington that have been in business for many years and who are known for their high quality work.

It is important to ensure that you hire a company that has been in business for many years, as you want to be confident that they know what they are doing, as well as being able to provide the service that you need. When hiring a scaffold hire company, you should also ask them if they have any references or recommendations to show you how satisfied their customers have been with their work.

The scaffolding company should always have an experienced team working on their scaffolds. If a team is not present when the scaffolding is first brought to your site, you should immediately request that the company remove themselves from your project and another team should be contacted. to take over the project. You can even request that you should the scaffolding company inspect the scaffolding for further damage and issues before it is brought to your site.

It is also important to ask about the types of scaffolding that the scaffolding company is able to provide, especially when you are looking for specialist scaffolding services. If you are looking to hire scaffolding services that are suited for a particular project, such as those that will be used during construction work, then it will be worth your while looking around at different scaffold hire companies in the area to get some recommendations.

You should also ensure that the scaffolding company that you hire offers the best support once the scaffolding is delivered to your site, whether this is in the form of the equipment and training, or support for installation and training. After the scaffolding arrives, it is important to check that there is someone there to look after the equipment and ensure that you have a qualified person to install the equipment on your behalf.

Make Your Garage Door Repair Easier With These Simple Tips


An older garage door is usually made up of a number of parts that work together. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to recognize which part needs repair or replaced. This makes garage door repair a tedious process. If you try to repair or replace the wrong component, you will waste both your time and effort. Plus, the issue is still hanging around.

The first step to take when you feel your door needs repair is to call a garage door repair service. They can examine the door for any signs of damage or wear. They will also have a number of parts available to help get the door repaired. These are normally basic door parts, such as springs, rollers, and tracks. It may even be possible to purchase a new door that is more reliable, with parts that are guaranteed to last longer. However, it is highly recommended that you keep your door, at least until you can replace the damaged parts.

When you call the company, they will usually explain what the problem is and what part is affected. They may recommend replacing the entire part or a small part. If you decide to replace just one part, make sure you understand what type of replacement the part comes with.

Some minor repairs that do not require replacement are not considered major repairs. In these cases, simply lubricating the mechanism with a lubricant may help. Also, cleaning out the rollers may also be enough to avoid future repairs. However, if the repair is more complex, it is best to contact a professional to get the job done right the first time.

There are some major repairs that may require replacement of the whole door. This includes damaged springs or rollers, which will cause the door to stop moving. Additionally, they may need to be replaced to repair serious damage that has been caused by wind or weather.

In order to be sure you are choosing a company that can provide the proper services for your garage door repair, it is a good idea to check references. This will allow you to talk to previous customers and get an idea of their experience with this company. You can also get recommendations from other garage door repairmen that you know or are familiar with.

Choosing a good repair also requires some research. Try looking at websites that discuss the different companies available, and the services they offer. If they do not list a lot of services, check out those that do. You may find that a more specialized company can offer a broader variety of services.

After finding a repair company, ensure that they have the correct equipment. To avoid damage to your door, make sure that they use the correct kind of parts and repair tools to get the job done correctly.

In addition to hiring a repair company, you may need to buy some tools to make your garage door repair easier and faster. Many people opt for automatic garage doors, but they are also more expensive.

You can get automatic doors that operate on electricity, so they don’t require manual labor. However, they are still going to cost you money in the long run because you have to purchase the parts to operate them. As you can imagine, it is not a good idea to leave a door on all day, especially when they are operating without electricity. so you will need to make sure you have the correct parts in stock.

Before you begin any garage door repair job, make sure the parts you will be needing are located. on the company website and in their catalogs. You can use the catalogs to help you find out the amount needed and the best ones for your garage door repair.

You can also get tips and ideas for making your garage door repair a success from other people that have had their doors repaired. Most repairmen will gladly give you a few tips on how to reduce the cost of the work to get the job done quickly. Once you have the repair completed, it will be much easier to find the parts you need.

Casual Sneakers For Women – Get the Perfect Pair of Shoes


In these times of tough economic times, a woman must know how to look good and stylish but in casual sneakers. A woman needs shoes that are comfy and casual as well.

There are many types of shoes and these include sandals, wedges, and heels. They come in several colors. In this way, one can get the perfect shoe for them whether it is white to black or brown. These casual shoes are great to wear with jeans and blouses.

Shoes can come in various styles and designs. The casual shoes are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The women’s shoes in these designs are very attractive and can make a woman look very attractive and chic. A woman can buy the shoes of her choice from a shoe shop that has an extensive collection of casual shoes. However, one must take into account that the shoes of a certain color will match with a specific outfit.

The women’s casual shoes are available in a variety of prices. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a pair of shoes, the first thing you should do is to decide on the price range that suits your budget. You can go to an online shoe shop and get the shoes of your choice at discounted prices. In addition to buying shoes from the online shoe store, you can also go to the mall and purchase a pair of shoes.

The best part about these shoes is that they are comfortable and the prices are also reasonable. The shoes are not a waste of money and are more practical as well. However, if you have a low budget, then the shoes of this style can be purchased from a department store.

The fashionable casual shoes are very popular among women. They can be bought from any shoe shop. However, you can find more fashionable shoes as well. If you are planning to buy a good pair of shoes, then you should make sure that it is from a shoe shop that has a wide collection of shoes.

The shoes are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. However, if you have a large pair of feet, you can consider purchasing a wide pair of shoes. This will ensure that you have enough room for the entire shoes.

You should purchase the shoes after you have considered all the above factors. and then you can feel relaxed and confident about wearing shoes. As long as you are careful and cautious while buying the shoes, you can buy them confidently.

The comfortable footwear is very useful for busy people who want to be active in the office but do not have the time to walk around. It is also useful for students who are looking for a good pair of shoes.

However, you should remember that the shoes should be comfortable and should be able to provide you comfort even after several hours. The shoes should also provide support to your feet. The shoes should not cause any pain after several hours of wear.

Before you buy the shoes, you should try the shoes on and see if the soles of the shoes are too rigid. or loose. As long as the shoes have a good grip, then you should not worry about the shoes.

If you do not feel any resistance in the shoes, then you should keep the shoes for some time. After several hours, you can switch them for another pair of shoes. This is important so that you will not find them uncomfortable.

Also, if you have a hard time finding comfortable shoes, you can always look for the shoes in the clearance section. in the shoe shop. This way you will get comfortable shoes at reduced prices.

Buying NZ Sex Toys – The Right Way To Shop


When people think about buying some NZ sex toys, they tend to think about those that can be found in New Zealand, including the likes of erotic lingerie and adult massage. However, there are many other things you might want to look for, such as erotic products, or even novelty toys, which are perfect for people travelling to New Zealand for a holiday.

There are many different places where you will find sex toys, including online retailers, and even some on the high street. If you are looking to buy NZ sex toys from an online store, you will often find that the range is larger than you would find on the high street, with more options available. However, if you are shopping for something that you want to gift someone else, you should take a look at some of the many gifts that are available to buy online.

One of the best ways to save money when buying NZ sex toys is by buying them in bulk. This way you can save quite a lot of money, even on the more expensive ones. There are some companies who will sell their sex toys for very cheap, and then make money from the fact that they have sold them again. However, by buying in bulk you will be able to enjoy cheaper prices when it comes to buying NZ sex toys.

You can buy sex toys in bulk, but it is important that you are aware of how much you need before you do this. This means that you will need to know your body size, and what you are interested in, before you buy. It is also advisable to shop around for the sex toys that you want.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are buying NZ sex toys in bulk is the importance of making sure that you are ordering from a reputable company. You may be able to order in bulk from an online store, but you will need to make sure that you are ordering from a company that is reliable. It is also possible to buy a large amount of sex toys, and then split up the individual items in order to save money.

When buying sex toys in bulk, you will need to take into account the shipping costs. If you want the sex toys to be delivered right to your door, you will want to think about paying for a larger package than you would if you just want the item. If you are not sure whether you will need all of the sex toys that are ordered, you will probably want to think about ordering the small ones, or just a few extras. in case you get an unexpected package at some point during your holiday.

If you are thinking about buying new sex toys for your partner, you may even be interested in purchasing an item that is more to your liking, so that you are able to share the experience with your partner. Some of these companies will offer a couple of different options for this, including a special vibrator. This might even be a great idea if you are travelling abroad and want to add something to your sexual experience.

As you can see, buying sex toys in bulk is a good way to make sure that you get the right type of items, and to be sure that you are getting the most for your money. There are plenty of places to buy NZ sex toys from, but you need to make sure that you take the time to choose carefully. By doing this you will be able to get the sex toys that you need at the best prices, and enjoy your holiday in New Zealand!