Booking Terms and conditions.

Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

  • Bookings - Can be made on our Website, Email, authorized booking agency or via phone. Full payment will be taken on booking and are conditional to our cancellation policy.
  • Cancellation Policy - You may cancell your tip with 24 hours notice (prior to your scheduled tour departure) and receive a full refund. For customers who fail to advise tour change or cancellation, then full fares will apply.
  • Min numbers - All trips require minimum numbers (6 persons) full fair to cover minimum operating costs.
  • Weather - Trips may be cancelled due poor weather conditions. If a trip is cancelled before the scheduled departure time, then guests will receive a full refund.
  • Check in - On the day of tour please report at least 45 minutes before your scheduled tour departs.

Swimming with dolphins

  • Trip Duration- Dolphin Swim/Viewing Eco-tours-Tours will last 2-4 hours depending where the Dolphins are.

  • Dolphin Swimming - Success rate (all year) for viewing dolphins is currently 95%!  Success rate (all year) for swimming with dolphins is currently 80%!  Please keep in mind that like all dolphin swimming tours in New Zealand, there is always the chance that you will not be able to get in the water with wild dolphins. If you are not able to swim with Dolphins your fee will be reduced .

  • What to Bring - For Dolphin swimming you will need to bring your Togs, towel, warm cloths, sun screen and a camera.
  • Permit Conditions - Dolphin swimming commercial operators in New Zealand are subject to a permit system administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC). DOC regulations are followed in a way that may mean that even though we come across a group of dolphins, we might not be allowed to swim with them (ex. if the group contains calves - baby dolphins or Hector dolphins).  Swimmers are also restriced to a maximum of 4 drops in the water within 300m of dolphins.
  • Children min age 8 Years - Children under 8 years of age are not permitted to swim with the dolphins. Children over 8 and less than 12 swim is entirely at the skipper’s discretion they must be accompanied in the water by a supervising adult.
  • Swim Experience - We operate in the calm sheltered waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound.  Some degree of swimming experience is required as the depth of the water is at least 40 metres. Although snorkelling experience is not required, you’ll be able to swim with more confidence if you have snorkelled before. Our wetsuits are extremely safe and bouyant and will keep you warm & floated.

Motuara Island Bird Sancuary, Historical Ship Cove and Birding Expeditions

  • Trip Duration - Motuara Island & Eco-cruises - Tours last 4-4.5 hours

  • What to Bring - You will need to bring warm cloths, sun screen and a camera.


  • Our tours operate in the very sheltered waters of the Queen Charlotte Sound and seasickness is rarely an issue. 

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